Comprehensive Plan

The 2020 Durham Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Board on June 2, 2020 after two years of work by a committee of residents and Town Board members.

You can read or download the Plan (45 pages) here. For just the recommendations (5 pages), go here.

Durham Connect

The Town Board has set up a Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee (originally known CoPIC, but then renamed to Durham Connect). The Chair of Durham Connect is Joan Breslin ( – Joan is also a member of the town board) and the Deputy Chair is Bernard Rivers ( The other members of Durham Connect are the working group Convenors listed below.

Durham Connect working groups

Durham Connect has the following working groups:

In August 2020, thirty-four Durham residents expressed interest in serving as working group members. Their names are here. To add your name to the list, or to move to a different working group, email Joan Breslin or Bernard Rivers, as above.

Each working group usually meets once or twice per month, chaired by its Convenor. Durham Connect itself meets every month or two.

Role of convenors

The convenor of each working group is responsible for setting the dates for future meetings (in consultation with the members), for emailing members to remind them of each upcoming meeting, for chairing each meeting, and for taking notes.

Joan and Bernard write regular reports to the town board on Durham Connect activities. Copies are available here.

A source of background information

Working group members may find useful background information on Durham in Appendix 1 to the Comprehensive Plan, accessible above.